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X Factor Realty Client

I was introduced to Tina Jones in 2007 through a family member. In general conversation, I mentioned to Tina that my husband and I were thinking about upgrading our home with the new addition to the family. She offered to come over the same day to meet my husband and myself and to allow us to interview her. This was a first; I have never been offered to interview an agent before. After she came over to tour our home she made a few suggestions and offered her services to us. Tina listed our home on the market on a Monday and we received 2 offers by Thursday and a contract on Friday. We closed on our home less than 30 days after it was placed on the market. Soon after, Tina patiently helped my husband and I search for the perfect home. We received a lovely thank you gift immediately after closing!

I was very honest with Tina and shared with her that I had a terrible experience with my first agent and was very reluctant to pursue selling our home. She assured me that she would make our experience as pleasant as possible. I lost my father in a terrible car accident the day after we closed on our new home. Tina was very supportive and offered to assist with the move. She has been a tremendous help to my family as she has represented my mom in trying to save her home. She recently helped my husband and I with our home modification. Tina is motivated, knowledgeable, professional, an advocate and a great friend. Since 2007 I have referred several friends and family members to Tina and she has assisted them in finding the perfect home. Tina Jones is by far the BEST agent in the world!

Thank you.